To the dreamer...the artist, and anyone out there with a creative fire within; I do this for you. 

In forging this path for myself

I learned very quickly, if I

wanted to create anything;

including a lasting career, I'd

have to do it on my own terms-

in spite of the doubters and

naysayers. all of whom had

front row seats to

my biggest failures and let


Throughout my life, I learned

the hard way  about my own self-doubt and how my willingness to let outside forces affect my perception of myself was moving me further away from my dreams, my heart and my mind. 

After three decades of a lonely, fearful, uninspired existence; an epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks. The only person stopping me from reaching out and grabbing my dreams was me! The people I had surrounded myself with had no dominion over my destiny...I did! I couldn't blame them for not recognizing my true potential when I wasn't recognizing it myself...and then I was reminded of who I was designed to be.

Letters to Africa is an

idea I had about a visual

representation of myself

rediscovering the

natural gifts I had been

born with; and with sheer

determination even in my

darkest hour, I could

connect my dreams with

my ancestors before me

and create an entire

universe all from my mind.

...and even left with nothing...I still found everything.

Now I create, so that I may leave a remarkable extension of stories through visual artistry that continue to celebrate and connect the beautiful existence of our people, our stories and our magic.

To Africa!


Dominick Gerard

a note from the creator