No matter who you are, or where you come from; if you've ever been fortunate enough to experience the magic that is film & television, they've no doubt had a lasting impact on your life. Throughout history, we as a people have seen some perilous times and we owe a great deal to our world leaders, but it is to the ARTIST whom we owe just as much gratitude. For in the most frightening hour of uncertainty, we have all found comfort in a certain song, or dance, or film, or artist that even if for a moment...makes the world and everything in it seem all right.

Here at the HOV Production House, we want to make more of those moments. The importance of art through storytelling is paramount in continuing to bring people together around the world while broadening the voice and perspective of the artists who create our stories. Founded by a black, gay actor and artist; the HOV Production House is a film and entertainment production company with a mission to develop and produce groundbreaking content to inspire and enrich the next generation. we are the generation of storytellers that get to rewrite history.